How do you obtain so many autographs?

Well we didn’t always get so many, it has been a long learning experience! We now know where these celebrities will be on a daily basis. We catch them at airports, events, hotels, restaurants, and this list can go on forever! We are out everyday in Hollywood,CA for roughly 12 hours daily. We have our good days, and bad days lol. We work with many other autograph seekers, paparazzi, and many other people for tips on where to go. Everyday is a new adventure for us to get these autographs for you!

How do I know if the autograph is real?

We always try to capture a picture of the stars autographing for us. This is not always possible because the crowds can be crazy at times. We also include our own Certificate of Authenticity with the item. The COA includes a picture of your exact item, our company name and info, and our company guarantee. ALL autographs we sell have been witnessed by one of our team members.

How long till I receive my item?

We ship all orders within 48hrs of payment, generally speaking you should have your purchase within 7 days of payment. *International shipping varies*

Question not answered?

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